June 17-21, 2022

Save new dates - June 2-6, 2023


  • 2
    Tracks: Base Camp & Summit
  • 60+
    Speakers sharing latest insights
  • 25K+
    Devs from all over the globe
  • 1500
    Luckies meet in Amsterdam
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The Event

React Summit is a celebration of good things coming together:


React Summit is an annual conference on all things React, gathering thousands of Front-end and Full-stack engineers from around the world.

Originally exclusively in-person, React Summit now offers a hybrid format with both remote and in-person participation.

The first day to be streamed from the Amsterdam venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day, as well as the numerous free workshops, streamed to the global audience online.

Please mind that the live stream & in-person program are identical in content, however, each starts at a different time.

The in-person program starts at 9:00 CEST whereas the live stream starts at 13:00 CEST.

Stay tuned!

This year, you can expect authors and core teams of:

  • Next.js

  • React Query

  • TypeScript

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Remix

  • Cloudflare Workers

  • Web3

  • RedwoodJS

  • GraphQL




In-person workshops - June 14-15.

Remote workshops - during the whole June.

Get training from the best instructors at our workshops on React Advanced, TypeScript, Remix, TailwindCSS and more!

+ Remote Day


June, Friday

Join us in Amsterdam or watch online. There will be lots of hybrid networking and inclusive interactivity!



June, Saturday

Experience Amsterdam with new & old friends during our boat and walking tours!




June, Tuesday

Streaming of both tracks, speaker QnA's, discussion rooms and one more afterparty!

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Speakers & Instructors

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Tejas Kumar
Xata, Germany
Talk: Handling Data at Scale for React Developers

Tejas enjoys people, code, and talking about code to people. Having begun coding at age 8, today Tejas travels around the world, encouraging, educating and empowering developers in the web development community.

Tanner Linsley, USA
Talk: 5 Years of Building React Table

Tanner Linsley is an entrepreneur and open source creator who loves React and JavaScript. He has built and still maintain several well-known open source libraries like React Query, React Table, React Virtual, React Form, React Charts, React Static, and even Chart.js He co-founded 6 years ago and is currently helping it grow as VP of UI and UX.

When not programming, Tanner spends his free time traveling, recording music, film-making, and vacationing with his wife and children.

Sara Vieira
Remote, Germany
Talk: From Blender to the Web - the Journey of a 3D Model

Sara is a developer at Remote. Author of The Opinionated Guide to React. GraphQL and Open Source enthusiast. Conference Speaker and Airport expert. She's also a fan of horror movies, has talents such as banging sticks into a drum kit and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Anjana Vakil
Talk: The Art of Functional Programming

Anjana suffers from a chronic case of curiosity, which led her from philosophy to English teaching to computational linguistics to software development. As an engineer & educator, these days she mostly codes & teaches from her home base in San Francisco, when not traveling (in a mask) to events around the world to speak about the joy of programming and advocate for a more equitable & ethical tech industry. Nerd out with her about functional programming & JavaScript, ask her about the Recurse Center & Outreachy, and definitely invite her to your karaoke party!

Siddharth Kshetrapal
GitHub, Netherlands
Talk: Walking the Line Between Flexibility and Consistency in Component Libraries

Sid builds tools for developers. In the past, he worked on Design Systems at Auth0 and as the frontend architect at Practo. He loves talking about design, performance and open source.

Swizec Teller
Tia, USA
Talk: You Do Have Time to Build it Twice

Swizec is a software engineer, author, educator, and conference speaker. He's published books on modern web technologies, data visualization, and productivity, and has trained engineering teams at Fortune500 companies. Now he's distilling 20 years of tacit experience into actionable steps.

Kadi Kraman
Formidable, UK
Talk: Exploring AR Try-On with React Native

Principal Engineer at Formidable, building things in JavaScript, particularly with React Native and GraphQL.

Ives van Hoorne
CodeSandbox, Netherlands
Talk: The Journey of CodeSandbox Projects

Talented engineer and entrepreneur, creator of beloved CodeSandbox.

Rahat Chowdhury
Polygon, USA
Talk: A Frontend Developer’s Guide to Web3

Rahat is a hip hop artist turned web developer, indie hacker, and web3 enthusiast. Rahat's passions include advocating for mental health in tech, music, gaming, and mentoring new developers especially in the web3 space.

Vova Guguiev
Framer, Netherlands
Talk: Enabling Next Generation of Designer-Developer Collaboration with ES Modules

Vova is a product engineer at Framer, where he works on removing boundaries of what's possible to achieve with creative tools and enabling new ways of building products. He's passionate about native browser ESM, Import Maps and web3.

Iris Schaffer
Spotify, UK
Talk: Impact: Growing as an Engineer

Iris is a front end developer with a passion for user experience and design, currently building products at Spotify. She’s also engaged in the Swedish meetup scene where she co-organises a ReasonML meetup.

Ibrahim Cesar Bevilacqua , Brazil
Talk: Lifting Privacy and Accessibility Up

Solutions Architect, working with web development and cloud, in a news media outlet in Brazil with technologies such as TypeScript, NextJS, Node.js, GraphQL, AWS Amplify and the bazillion other AWS services.

Kent C. Dodds
Remix, USA

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. Kent is a Co-Founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix. He is the creator of EpicReact.Dev and He's an instructor on and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and React.

Delba de Oliveira
Vercel, UK
Talk: Routing in React 18 and Beyond

Delba is interested in helping developers build great web applications. She’s a hobbyist videographer and Senior Developer Advocate at Vercel; where she creates educational content by combining her love for video and code.

Nik Graf
Serenity, Austria

Nik is the founder of Serenity and is passionate about cryptography, CRDTs, GraphQL and React. He co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins and Polished and participated in Stripe’s Open Source Retreat. In his spare-time he enjoys ski touring, cycling and organising the ReactJS Vienna meetup.

Brad Westfall
Advanced React Workshop
Full Info
Brad Westfall
ReactTraining, USA

Brad Westfall has been teaching Web Development since 2010 including bootcamp instruction, online videos, conference speaking, writing at, and corporate training for He loves to connect with students by helping them achieve their technical goals and by distilling complex concepts into simple instruction.

Houssein Djirdeh
Google, USA
Talk: Next.js and Chrome

After writing his first line of JavaScript, it only took Houssein three short years to become an accomplished developer, author, speaker, and advocate. He is an engineer on the Chrome and Web team at Google working on improving the open-source framework ecosystem. Houssein has given talks on progressive enhancement and building for the mobile user at dozens of conferences and events worldwide.

Shruti Balasa
Tech Educator, India
Talk: Build a Design System with React and Tailwind CSS

Shruti Balasa is a full stack web developer and a Tech Educator from India. She likes to make web development simple for beginners through her courses, Youtube tutorials and eBooks. Her latest eBook Complete Guide to CSS Flex & Grid has sold more than 1000 copies across 80 countries.

Wouter van den Broek
Synappz Digital Health, Netherlands
Talk: Infiltrate Your Own React Native App

Wouter van den Broek is a independent consultant and engineer. He has build more than 200 apps, from Symbian to BlackBerry to iOS and Android and now on the endeavor with React Native. With all these years of experience in the mobile world with building mobile apps there is a lot of knowledge to be shared. Also loves new technology, software processes; how to figure those out and traveling and reading.

Nir Parisian
Enpitech, Israel
Talk: Stop Abusing Client State Management

Hi, I'm Nir 👋 Married to Efrat and father to Bar Or and Hadas. I live in Israel and built (awesome Pokemon) websites since I was a kid 😎 My professional journey started at Intel and went through blockchain startup. Today I run a consulting Frontend solutions company that focuses on Web 3.0. I'm totally in love 😍 with React, its ecosystem and community and happy to explore new solutions and share my knowledge with everyone 🙂

Cody Zuschlag
Nearform, France
Talk: Full-stack JS today: Fastify, GraphQL and React

Cody is a software engineer consultant and developer relations engineer with a passion for learning and sharing technology. He teaches a university web development course and loves interacting with developers of all experience levels.

Denis Artyuhovich
Talk: React Microfrontend Applications for TVs and Game Consoles

Senior Software Engineer and active open source contributor. From Minsk, but now based in London and work at DAZN. I like playing around with TS, React, Redux, MobX/MST, RxJS, WebGL, Serverless, Node, Functional Programming with a focus on performance, system architecture and team productivity.

Eliran Natan
Axonius, Israel
Talk: Sharing is Caring: (How) Should Micro Frontends Share State?

Eliran is a Software Architect with a passion for Computer Science & Software Design. Eliran has led development teams in Tel Aviv, New York and Amsterdam, and today he is part of Axonius - an hyper growing cybersecurity unicorn that aims to revolutionize cloud security.

Nicola Corti
Meta, UK
Talk: Bringing the New React Native Architecture to the OSS community

Nicola Corti is a Software Engineer in the React Native team @ Meta, building tooling and infrastructure to support mobile engineers in the open-source space.

He's a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin and has been working with the language since before version 1.0. He's the maintainer of several open-source libraries, and he's the host of the Developers' Bakery podcast.

Furthermore, he is an active member of the developer community. His involvement goes from speaking at international conferences to being a member of CFP committees and supporting developer communities across Europe.

In his free time, he also loves baking and running marathons.

Nadia Makarevich
Pyn, Australia
Talk: Let’s Talk about Re-renders

Nadia is a Frontend Architect, experienced coder and tech blogger. She loves debugging mysterious bugs, solving hard problems with simple solutions and writing articles, that make complicated advanced concepts easy to understand. She managed to escape from locked down Australia in the middle of the global pandemic and now enjoys the life of a digital nomad all over the world.

Taz Singh
Guild, Canada & UK
Talk: React Native Everywhere

Taz is the Founder of Guild and long time participant in communities across the globe. He has over two decades of software experience ranging from video games & robotic AI to consumer application development, has served as a principal technical management consultant, and is a serial startup founder. When he's not behind his computer, he can be found chasing his cat around the house or being chased by cars around a race track.

Johannes Goslar
Twitter, Germany
Talk: Marrying WASM/WebGL Games with React UI

Johnny loves (board|electronic) games, programming with a lot of parentheses and cycling and creating Communities on Twitter. After receiving his MSc from Oxford, he went to San Francisco only to be kicked out a year later due to not receiving another visa, he then tried building two startups in Berlin, after which he decided to join another startup in London, only to be relocated to Germany again by 2020, where he now is working remotely, specifically the communities team. In his free time he runs Kronberger Spiele, publishing games since 2003.

Krystal Campioni
Shopify, Canada
Talk: Sharing is Caring: Reusing Web Data Viz in React Native

Krystal has been working with development for 13 years. During this time she's had the opportunity to work in a wide range of projects from web and mobile applications to games and virtual reality. Currently, she works as a Senior Frontend Developer on the Insights team at Shopify, creating delightful data viz components. She's also mentored on Rails Girls and Vue Vixens and presented talks at events like RubyConf, Laracon, and VueConf. You can find out more about she's done so far on her website: If you're into animations, a11y and all things frontend reach out to her @krystalcampioni.

David S. Price
RedwoodJS, USA
Talk: Design-Driven Full-stack: an End-to-End Dev Workflow that Scales

David is a co-founder of RedwoodJS, the full-stack app framework for startups. As one of the project leads, he's passionate about developing community as much as code. Most of his career has been entrepreneurial, working across industries and disciplines, which is how he ended up working full time at Preston-Werner Ventures. His favorite things in life, in ascending order, are ethics, entrepreneurial leadership, collaboration, and his family. It turns out that focusing on the first three are a great way to help his family flourish.

Thomas Findlay
Findlay Web Tech, UK
Talk: Composition vs Configuration: How to Build Flexible, Resilient and Future-proof Components

Thomas Findlay is a 5-star rated mentor, full-stack developer, consultant, and technical writer. He works with many different technologies such as JavaScript, Vue, React, React Native, Node.js, Python, PHP, and more. He has obtained MSc in Advanced Computer Science degree with Distinction at Exeter University, as well as First-Class BSc in Web Design & Development at Northumbria University.

Over the years, Thomas has worked with many developers and teams from beginners to advanced and helped them build and scale their applications and products. He also mentored a lot of developers and students, and helped them progress in their careers.

Khrystyna Landvytovych
SoftServe, Ukraine
Talk: Don't Forget React Memo

I'm a Frontend engineer in SoftServe and born cook in my former life. I love to learn something new and immediately put it into practice and share my experience with others.

I'm a mentor at Kottans, give public speeches, participate as program committee in fwdays, translate programming books and maintain an insta magazine @twoLip about my travels and hobbies.