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Our sponsors welcome you and provide some virtual goodie bag gifts.

Check out sponsors' offers and choose those you like the most!

3 months of WebStorm free!

React Summit attendees can enjoy 3 months of WebStorm, a smart JavaScript IDE by JetBrains, for free. Use the code ReactSummit2022 (good for new personal subscriptions only) and join the thousands of people who use WebStorm today!

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SiteGround Quiz: Play & Win!

Aside from crafting premium webhosting services, SiteGround has also prepared a surprise for all React Summit attendees. Take the quiz at https://stgrnd.co/reactsummit for a chance to win custom portable speakers!

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Get Xata

Xata is focused on radically simplifying the way developers work with data. Be a part of the adventure!

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Enter to win a CATCH:2 CLASSICS Wireless Charger

Enter our Shopify Engineering giveaway raffle to stand a chance to win a CATCH:2 Classic wireless charger!


Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch!

Enter our Nintendo Switch raffle to get your hands on some free StackHawk swag.


Join the NativeBase raffle!

Have a chance to win a free license of NativeBase Startup+. Access 100+ responsive, accessible, dark mode compatible UI screens that work on web and native platforms to build your app upto 2x faster.

You will see the details after clicking the “Join the raffle" button.

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Enter to win an Anycubic Photon Resin 3D printer!

When React Summit 2022 attendees sign up for the Ionic newsletter, your email will be entered into a drawing to win an Anycubic Photon Mono 4K 3D resin printer!

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Learn to Use AG Grid for Free

To make AG Grid easy to learn we created 1000+ examples in our docs, then we created a series of tutorial videos, and finally, we wrote an ebook on Getting Started with React. Written by Niall Crosby, CEO and creator of AG Grid, you'll learn the tips and tricks that will instantly make you a Pro. Get the ebook free when you join our mailing list.

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Experience life at November Five and discover Antwerp!

Get a taste of life at N5! We'll pick three entries to get a tour of our HQ, have a drink and explore Antwerp - a city bustling with gastronomy, culture, fashion and architecture. Your transportation and a one night stay (Friday to Saturday) will be accommodated by us!

Register now to get invited to our HQ at the beating heart of Antwerp!


Dare to pass the vpTech Challenge

This is your chance to win one of the 3 vpTech bags, full of surprises! Winners will be announced on Twitter @veepeetech_ at the end of the React Summit.

➡️ No tricks, all the answers are in our page.

To participate:

  1. Answer correctly to these 3 questions in the link below
  2. Tag @veepeetech_ in one of your tweet using the 2 hashtags "#react" & "#botlouc"

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25% off our Advanced Nx Workspaces Course!

Sign up to get 25% off our Advanced Nx Workspaces online course on Nx Playbook.

In this premium course, you'll find an Architect's Guide to Managing a Large Monorepo with Nx. Nx is an extensible set of dev tools, created by Nrwl. We hope you enjoy this course!

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3 months of full-featured trial of Kontent

The headless CMS with world-class TypeScript support. Let your marketers visually compose pages on their own while you focus on code. TypeScript SDK, CLI, strongly-typed model generator, Rich Text resolver, and the always-on CDN delivering your content will have your back and enable you to easily scale when your projects grows.

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Get a boosted free plan of Sanity

Sanity is the platform for structured content. Use Sanity Studio for customizable real-time editing experiences your team will love. Query your content as data from any application or website with the hosted Content Lake. Get started with our boosted free plan.

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Use Snyk for free

Automatically find and fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source, and containers. Use Snyk free for JSNation and REACT Summit attendees, here.

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