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The Most Immersive React Meetup in Europe

Meetup sponsorship proposal 2019

3 years

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The Community

React Amsterdam community is the place where all the greatest React fans and developers are gathering to share their inspiration and practical insights. Covering whole Benelux, we bring best speakers to our evening events, happening every quarter throughout a year. We cover all aspects of React ecosystem with our Web and Native groups, making our event an ultimate gateway to reach the best, and most active professionals around.

Exceptional quality content with careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers, inspired attendee crowd and top location make our events a brilliant sponsorship opportunity. Whenever you are looking to put your company name in the spotlight, rally up the team knowledge or hire the best talent - we have a matching proposal.

Packages & Perks


600 EUR per meetup+VAT

General sponsor

1200 EUR per meetup+VAT

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Logo placed on introduction slides and in meetup communications medium large
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Branded booth at meetup events
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Here is what previous React Amsterdam sponsors have to say about their experience:

  • There is a lot of energy with good content and very well organized. As a sponsor it is great to be here.

    Wim van Dam, Director @ Onior Group BV

  • I think this is one of the best conferences we have in Europe on Web based technology.

    Manuel Schoebel, Co-Founder and CTO @



Motivation & Collaboration

We are organising these events for a bigger cause - connecting global community of Front-End Developers and enthusiasts alike by encouraging professional growth opportunities, skills evolution and nurturing passion for the craft.

Are you with us? Let`s collaborate! We are looking for partnership opportunities and are open to any brilliant ideas you might have.

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