April 10-13, 2019, Amsterdam


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Extended program

React Amsterdam is not just a big conference. It is a social and cultural environment designed to fit React crowd in the way engineers like with an extra addition to you regular conference experience.

Community pre-parties

Coming to town early? Have time to meet new people to hang around during the conference? We got you covered with 2 confirmed pre-party events prior main conference day.

Listed above meetups are free to attend, but require a pre-registration, follow conference newsletter and social channels for details.

React Party

After the main conference program is over we have a 1.5 hours break. Use it wisely to recharge or have a meal at food trucks area or one of the restaurants nearby to get prepared for the React Party. The line-up of the evening is organized in collaboration with some of Amsterdam Dance Event crew and other cultural foundations.

We are not going to unveil much in advance but just a small bit - the party will run in two completely different tracks and you will definetly remember it as one of the most unique conference after-parties.

After-party starts at 19:00, same location as the conference.

Tour Day

Amsterdam is beautiful, picturesque, amazing. This is what we hear sometimes from guests coming to the city. Explore this beauty on your own or together with new friends met at the conference.

We have prepared special walking and boat tours on Saturday for our conference guests and local community members. These are free for conference attendees, but feel free to take your +1's with you to explore the city on weekend after the conference.

For alternative activities and gathering, join our React Amsterdam Slack channel to connect with other visitors.
Nobody knows when that Saturday ends.

Walking Tours
April 13, 12:00
Route information
Starting location TBD
Boat Tours
April 13, 12:00 and 14:00
Route information
Starting location TBD

If you would like to organize some community activity like a small bike tour, brunch or do a walking tour of your own - email us with details and we'll list it here.